TeeChart for .NET Webforms - HTML5/Javascript rendering


TeeChart for .NET now supports native HTML5/Javascript rendering for some Series types:

Line, Point (scatter), Area, Bar, Pie, Bubble, Candle, Volume, HorizLine, HorizBar, Gantt and Donut plus Circular-Gauge.

Support for more Series types will be added in upcoming releases.

Export features include some tool types including the Chart scrollbar. InChart zoom and scroll are enabled and custom javascript coding is supported permitting you to chart almost all the options shown in the TeeChart for Javascript examples:


You can add animations and custom canvas output. Data may be sourced directly from your .NET projects and datasources or may be sourced via a myriad of alternative sources. Clientside charts are fully interactive permitting you to feedback chart clicks as arguments for drill-downs. We'll add some extra examples to show that in upcoming releases.


Besides the fact that only a limited Series set of TeeChart's NET Series are currently available for HTML5/Javascript render, there are other limitations to be taken into account when using HTML5 as the render format. Not all properties are translated for render. The rendering is the 'essence' of the WebForm designtime chart and we advise that you keep the designtime chart as simple as possible. Whilst the translation-parse to Javascript may be simple and limited in nature, on the plus side, once in Javascript you can add many sophisticated aesthetic and functional features to the Chart. The examples in the folder show some custom code examples of how this is achieved. Please look at the code-behind and the native javascript demo linked above, for a better understanding of possibilities


We plan to add the following Series, Maps and Gauges types very soon:
World-Maps; Polar and ColorGrid Series.