Introduction to TeeChart & ASP.NET Core 3 MVC

TeeChart for .NET can render as an image format such as PNG or JPEG or as a javascript HTML5 Canvas object, fully dynamic on the page.

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These charts are created using an ActionResult but there are many ways to extract the rendered chart to the page.

We're calling the script from the page in this way:

The TeeChart MVC Controller created for this example derives from System.Web.Mvc.Controller. The functionality is available with all TeeChart for .NET products.

basic required code:

    public ActionResult GetHTML5Chart(int? number)
      lock (renderLock)
        Steema.TeeChart.TChart wChart3 = new Steema.TeeChart.TChart();

        if (number==0) //react to input variables
          wChart3.Series.Add(new Steema.TeeChart.Styles.Pie());
          wChart3.Series.Add(new Steema.TeeChart.Styles.Line());

        wChart3.Series[0].FillSampleValues(); //data fill routines

        //optional - add in some custom javascript
        string[] customCode = new string[] {" chart1.applyTheme(\"minimal\");" };
        wChart3.Export.Image.JScript.CustomCode = customCode;

        tempStream2 = new System.IO.MemoryStream(); //create stream for transport
        wChart3.Export.Image.JScript.Width = 800; //size the Chart
        wChart3.Export.Image.JScript.Height = 300;
        wChart3.Export.Image.JScript.Save(tempStream2); //write to stream

        tempStream2.Position = 0;
        System.IO.StreamReader sr = new System.IO.StreamReader(tempStream2);

        return Content(sr.ReadToEnd()); //return the Chart to the caller

Custom Javascript enhancements

TeeChart will generate a Chart without requiring any javascript coding by you. The Chart is generated in .NET and the Javascript code with HTML5 Canvas is rendered for the output.

Optionally you can add enhancements to be actioned at any moment clientside in response to factors unavailable at Chart creation time. In the above chart we have added just one extra line to set a visualisation colour theme.

HTML5 Chart with animation

The chart below is running a repeat animation cycle (cycled so that we can see what it's doing). We've added some custome code into the javascript expoort of the Chart.

The code is added inline to the Chart code before render. The source-link path to the additional .js file that supports the feature, teechart-animations.js, is added as an additional source link. The way the source link is called here is currently supported when using the WebChart component only, but the functionality has now been added for the September release to fully support MVC widgets.

List customCode = new List();
wChart3.Series.Add(new Steema.TeeChart.Styles.Bar());

List extFunc = new List();

extFunc.Add("var animation;");
extFunc.Add("var loopCounter = 0;");

extFunc.Add("function manualLoop()");
extFunc.Add("animation.animate(" + wChart3.Export.Image.JScript.ChartName +");");
extFunc.Add("if (loopCounter < 10)");
extFunc.Add("  setTimeout(manualLoop, 9000);");

wChart3.Export.Image.JScript.ExternalCode = extFunc.ToArray();


customCode.Add("   //animation");
customCode.Add("   animation = new Tee.SeriesAnimation();");
customCode.Add("   animation.duration = 3900;");
customCode.Add("   animation.kind = \"each\";");
customCode.Add("   fadeAnimation = new Tee.FadeAnimation();");
customCode.Add("   fadeAnimation.duration = 5000;");
customCode.Add("   fadeAnimation.fade.series = true;");
customCode.Add("   fadeAnimation.fade.marks = true;");
customCode.Add("   animation.mode = \"linear\"; ");
customCode.Add("   fadeAnimation.mode = \"linear\";");
customCode.Add("   animation.items.push(fadeAnimation);");
customCode.Add("   ");
customCode.Add("   animation.animate(chart1);");

customCode.Add("  setTimeout(manualLoop, 6000); ");
mvcChart3.Export.Image.JScript.CustomCode = customCode.ToArray();

Interpolation Example

This chart takes in some of the content from the previous examples and adds one further layer to aid analysis, interpolating Series values between points.